Why do men love bootys so much?

Showing naked butts to others first time was recorded in the time of the old Roman Empire. Shows someone ass is not really a gesture, is not an invitation, but an insult!

Pygophilia is the scientific term for sexual excitement that run in us beautiful and well-shaped booty. It comes from the old Greek word for love.

Well shaped butt have a scientific name! Being "callipygian" means having a well-trained and shaped butt. But on the other side of the story. "Dasypygal" means ugly, badly shaped and hairy buttocks. Yuck

Butt is the largest muscle in the female body. One of the reasons why this is so, is that butt has all day to keep the torso upright!

Butt is considered a symbol of fertility and beauty throughout human history. Evidence of this can be found on many statues and works of art that reach even twenty thousand years BC.

Women love to be spanked! Statistics survey released by the "British Sexual Fantasy Research Project" shows that even 13% of women during masturbation fantasy that someone spank them!

Only 7% of them imagination
that they spank men.

According to a research study at the University of Texas, men attracted to more regular curvature of the bottom, rather than its size.

Butt contains and hides the remains of a human tail, which is called the "coccyx"!

Butts are preferred part of a woman's body that are thought to have jurisdiction and cultural comment. Women prefer compliments about their booties,more then the eyes or breasts.

They say that big booties born smart kids. Science has explained it in a way that big fat layers in the women ass, hips and thighs contain large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which helps the development of children's brains.

Also, big ass live longer! More fat in the legs and butt, not your stomach means less risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease!

Oh yes. The average booty fart 12 - 13 times a day. 


  1. Who the hell wrote this? Some Chinese guy with poor English grammar skills? Lol!!

  2. Hilarious article!


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