12 Richest People of All Time

Well, Time magazine has decided to address this issue and find out who should really carries the title of the richest people of all time. Therefore, was followed by extensive research, consultations with numerous experts from around the world, as well as swimming at the numerous forgotten archives. The effort and the work that they have invested brought us some very interesting results. We present the 12 richest person ever, which is based on today's potential wealth, which is determined by the current GDP standards.

12. Bill Gates $ 78.9 billion
Well, the world's richest man, Microsoft founder, surprisingly not in the top 10 richest people of all time, which does not mean that he will not find among them never. Unlike the others, his position on the list is easily detected, and only for him certainly can argue how much has and what is its value. Although it is now the richest man in the world, Gates will have a lot to make the effort to reach the top of the list, if it is ever wished.

11. Cleopatra $ 95.8 billion
She is well known because of her interesting private life that nowadays occupied by all the world's tabloids, but in her time, the ruler of Egypt was a very skillful political manipulator. Her annual income is equal to almost 2.6% of global GDP, has borrowed substantial sums from foreign rulers, with the aim of war and a life of luxury. 

10. Alan Rufus $ 194 billion
As the nephew of William the Conqueror, Alan joined his uncle in the Normandy campaign. After his death, it was believed that he had about 11,000 British pounds in his possession, which at that time was about 7% of GDP in the whole of England. In today's conditions, Alan could very easily be considered one of the richest men ever.

9. John D. Rockefeller $ 341 billion
This man build first fortune 1863 when he invested in the oil industry with only 27 years. Two decades later, his company controlled about 90% of US oil production. Until 1918, it was estimated that he possessed about 2% of the total GDP of the United States. As part of his wealth, is the Rockefeller Center in the heart of New York. 

8. Andrew Carnegie $ 372 billion

As a Scottish migrant, the steel magnate sold his company to JP Morgan at a price of $ 480 million, representing about 2.1% of US GDP. When we talk about today, it means that Carnegie was for about $ 31 billion richer than Rockefeller, although in a number of other elements were equal. Both have buildings that bear their names. 

7. Catherine the Great $ 1.5 trillion

 She assumed power after the assassination of her husband 1762 as the ruler of Russia, has collected considerable wealth and great political power. With the empire, which had a value of about 5% of global GDP, the longest ruling women of Russian monarchy certainly has earned a place in this elite group. 

6. Josif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, Stalin $ 7.5 trillion

As reported by Time magazine survey, it was very difficult to distinguish between personal wealth of famous dictators, from the wealth of the USSR. Due to his control of the Soviet Union, he was able to control the country's economy, as long as it suited him. Three years before his death, the USSR had a fortune worth about 9.5% of global GDP, the Soviet Union made one of the richest countries in the world. 

5. Emperor Vu 22.7% of global GDP
As Concubine of two Chinese ruler, this woman found herself in the best society. Her raw desire for power, which was successfully passed on to her children, it might worried even the heroine of the book Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister. Empress has built a fortune by trading with tea and silk, and spread the surface of Imperial China to Central Asia.

4. Akbar I 25% of global GDP
Akbar I was one of the greatest rulers of India's Mughal dynasty, and had a fortune worth about a quarter of global GDP. With a successful empire that earned wealth of its population, wealth Mughal dynasty, it could be the perfect rival to Elizabethan England.

3. Emperor Shenzong 25 - 30% of global GDP

As we approach the top of our list, we can see what kind of resources we're dealing with. The third richest man ever is a Chinese emperor Shenzong. As leader of the economically powerful Chinese Song Dynasty, the emperor had a very strict control of the country. The main source of his wealth originated from technological innovation and tax collection, which at that time was far ahead of its time. 

2. Caesar Augustus $ 4.6 trillion

How can we in the right way look at the Roman Empire, imagine yourself as a leader of an empire that produces about 25 - 30% of global wealth. Now imagine that a fifth of all that is your personal wealth. And if all this were not enough, a professor at Stanford University, Ian Morris, made a conclusion that Caesar possessed the whole of Egypt in one period. 

1. Mansa Musa - richer than we can conceive
At the top of our list is Mansa Musa. You know that you have succeeded in your life, when you are so rich that the only measure of your wealth is attribute "indescribable". King of Timbuktu controlled the largest gold producer in the world, when gold was the most popular. In the images that describe it, we can see it as holding the scepter of gold, while seated on a golden throne, holding a golden cup and wears a gold crown. Enough? 


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