Science explains: Why do men prefer blondes?

The answer to the question of whether men really prefer blondes more, actually hiding in the distant past of mankind. Here's an explanation.

Twenty-five thousand years ago, when the blonde hair spread among the inhabitants of the eastern and northern Europe, women who have had light hair had the advantage in men. The men then went into a long hunting expeditions and many of them from that trip never returned home.

Guys who were returning were sought by women because the food was very little, and they are dependent on them and their ability to purchase it. This is why polygamy was welcome, but only when hunters were the best. The rest were "forced" to have one woman, which is why they usually chose blondes. 

It is this phenomenon explained Jena Pincott  in his book "Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?". According to research done for this reading, blond women in the ice age had an edge over brunettes due to less frequent and noticeable hair color.

Over time, blond hair, which is in charge the gene MC1R, spread to 40 percent of Scandinavian and even 2 percent of the population, while another million people dye their hair blond.

However, blondes were not only more attractive in an ice age, but such is the case today. But how Pincott explain, the whole phenomenon actually has to do with the shade of hair, because people always first grasp the brighter tones instead of darker. That's why blondes are simply more visible on the street, in a shop, disco or theater. 

But it's not just ostentatious, but blond hair is also a symbol of youth and fertility, although it is known that hair is getting dark with age and that the majority of women who were blondes at young age, in the early twenties lose its original splendor. However, the guys prefer blondes because they look younger, just as Western media prefer blondes because they are associated with glamour and sex appeal.
One American study found that men still prefer blondes compared to women who have a different hair color, but this study does not apply to all. For example, in Scandinavia, where women are mostly blondes, men prefer ladies with darker hair.

Another study that was conducted on the woman's hair has shown that men often tend mates that resemble their mother. That is, if their mother has dark hair, it is likely that long-term relationship choose dark or brunette.

Golden hair can somewhat help
women, as explained Anita Loos in her bestseller "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" by which it was made into a film in which starred Marilyn Monroe. However, three years later, Moose has announced the continuation of this book, which was called "But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes". 

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