Dubai Devel Sixteen - 4500 horsepower beast!

Meet Dubai Devel Sixteen, which will move the limit of normal in the world of car racing. Some ten years ago Bugatti Veyron has surprised the world with more than 1,000 horses, but Devel Sixteen will shocked all with the engine of 4,515 horses.

Devel Sixteen is first introduced as a concept in 2013, and later this year will finally come out as a car for sale.

12.3-liter V16 engine with four turbochargers produced by the company "Steve Morris Engines" from the United States. They did all the tests and confirmed that the dynamometers have confirmed the strength of more than 4,500 horses of 6.900 / min and excellent 4.766Nm of 6.600 / min with maximum speed of 560km / h and from 0 to 100km/h for 1.8 seconds. Maybe there are a lot more since their devices measure only up to 4500 horses. The engine is actually heavily revised General Motors V8, with 81 mm turbo chargers.

Currently, the vehicle is not ready for the road because of some licenses and the minimum requirements needed to drive down the road, such as mirrors and proper lights, but it is rapidly resolved.

For now announced seven to ten copies, which is certainly not enough to meet all the fans of extreme car. Price? For now unknown, maybe that is better.
. (
speculation is 1.5 million dollars)


  1. There should be a healthy-heart warning before opening this

  2. There should be a healthy-heart warning before opening this

  3. Holy crap what a car what a motor what a package love to see you in real life


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