Brazilian sex theme park set to open in 2018: Erotikaland

Brazil will 2018 open the first sex Disneyland, amusement park for adults who will be called: Erotikaland.

You realize as a teenager that you have outgrown Disney and Gardaland and you just do not know where you could find entertainment more appropriate to your age? Of course, not counting brothels and strip clubs, but exclusively amusement parks.
Good news! In Brazil, in 2018 only two hours drive from Sao Paulo opens amusement theme park, and the topic is - of course - sex! The park will be a museum of erotic sculptures, a restaurant that will serve food crowded aphrodisiacs, there will be 7D cinema equipped with vibrating chairs, nudist swimming pool, 'naked train' and 'sexy playground'!

However, in the fun park 'Erotic Land' sex will not be allowed, but all interested parties shall not be disappointed - in the vicinity will be built a motel that will well serve the purpose.
And while some are excited and can not wait for 2018 when it announced the opening, some local authorities oppose the construction of this in every possible way, and try to block the project. However, although Brazil is mostly Catholic country, but at the same time very broadminded, seems that 'Erotic Land' really could open its doors as planned.
Mauro Morata, the creator and leader of the project says that the construction of the theme park to open 250 new jobs and the place would be unique in that it will visitors learn about sex, history of sex and - most importantly - safe sex by using condoms. He also noted that "Erotic Land" definitely will not be a place for nuns, but make sure that is not our intention to create a new Sodom and Gomorrah.


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