Tantric massage techniques

You love foreplay? Then you could raise your current skills on a little higher level. Tantra massage combines sexual energy with traditional massage techniques. The goal of tantra massage is to awaken the seven energy centers.

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Warm her trapezoid
People often have a feeling of tightness in the muscle, which is located between the shoulder blades. Relax it by pour massage oil on her cervical vertebrae. Let your thumbs glide along her spine and sides of the shoulder blades, and then use them to massage her upper back and alleviate the stress that is accumulated there.

Turn her on 

Tapping her on the back with edges of your hands. This will stimulate the erotic energy and nerve impulses to rush directly to her genitals.

Use your lips

Wipe all traces of oil or lotion from her body. Take a deep breath and slide your lips from the end of her spine to the beginning of the neck, with one lip on each side of the spine. Exhale slowly while moved lips along her spine.  

Create friction 

Using hand massage her from base of the spine to the top of her neck. Go slowly and use the dominant hand. Gentle and repeated movement up and down with the tip of your hands using friction generate the heat that will make her very good.

Make it even hotter

Creating friction change the speed of the hand between her shoulder blades. This will raise the level of relaxation and add more heat to her body.

Warm her crotch

Straddled your girlfriend and turn your head to her feet. Start of her ankle using the thumb and index finger to create pressure on each side of tendon while massaging her leg (not creating pressure on the tendon itself). Why ankle? There is a pressure point that goes with string and is associated with the genitals. Your sweetheart may not even notice a burning sensation in the leg, but it's a sign that you are close to the target - it will feel the pleasure down there.

Massage her with your body

Here's one super sexy part: Take off all your clothes and body massage your girl. To do so, rub massage oil or lotion on yourself (the more the better), and drag over her body. Then turn her around and repeat, but do not enter into her.

Stimulate her nipples

Surprisingly, many men ignore this erogenous zone. While lie on her, lick and suck on her nipples. This will make her really good. At this point, chances are that you will not be able to wait too long before you move into action.

The good thing about these techniques is that they are equally effective in men. Girls you can use this technique to make your man eager to help fulfill your every fantasy.

Different poses can also increase satisfaction in bed, here you can find plenty of interesting pose Kamasutra SEX POSITIONS!

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