Here's how you can easily find out what Google knows about you

When you use Google, you actually make a deal. 

In exchange for free use of services such as Gmail, Drive, Search, YouTube, or Maps, you give Google information about you that Google then share with advertisers whose advertisements are so precise and efficient.

Watch videos about travels, browse destinations in Asia, the study offers and arrangements? Soon you will in places where ads from Google appear see ads on affordable travel to Asia.

In short, Google is constantly watching you, but it's not like you don't help - you help a lot. Signing into Gmail you reveal standard things such as name, phone number and location, but what's more valuable is what you search for and what you read when you're online.

To find out what Google knows about you, you must first log into Google and click on your profile photo or first initial in the top right corner, open your account by clicking on 'My Account'.  

When you open your account, go to the 'Personal info & privacy' and then descend to the 'Activity controls'. 

Everything you ever searched and all the pages you visit are in 'Your searches and browsing activity ", while the information about you as a potential advertisers target are a little below, in a separate section 'Ads settings'. One of the more interesting option is to review all the sites you have visited.

Google, of course, offer the option that some of these data, or all, of course, delete, or you'll have to do it gradually. Why slowly? Google does not want to delete, and will have you in the nicest possible way to make it difficult. But, in case you still want to erase everything, and at the same time prevent the data to fail, you can download them and store somewhere.  


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