Russian Man Sues Ex-Girlfriend for Relationship 'Expenses'

The Russian man decided to sue his former girlfriend after she broke up with him. Nina Zgurskaya told a Russian television that her ex-boyfriend, an attorney from Siberia, suing her for the costs of the relationship after a breakup.

 The young couple went on a romantic trip, where the girl is expected to propose to her boyfriend. However, when this did not happen, she and her boyfriend broke up and ended the relationship. In a very short time at her home address came several lawsuits and all claims by her former boyfriend.

She discovered that her boyfriend kept receipts in the last two years and that he is suing for his money spent.

"Never mind that we were in a relationship, she can not prove. I never said that I give her money for free or as a gift, it is assumed to itself. Is it immoral to go to court? What am I supposed to give money to every woman in the street? "Said the angry Russian who is eager to deal in court. Unfortunately we have no information about the name of the unhappy guy, but we know that the Russian is a lawyer who at all costs want to repay the money he spent.

The total amount claimed was 45,000 roubles, or $685 – including legal fees payable to himself.

What do you think will he succeed?

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