British Intelligence Claim: Russian tank armata superior to all others!

Latest Russian tank T-14, better known as "armata", already startled Western experts. If it's to believe the London "Sunday's telegraph," which refers to an internal document of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom wrote by military intelligence, Russian vehicle is ‘the most revolutionary change in tank design in the last half century’ and leaves the West totally outgunned.

 The authors of the analysis claim that British tanks can hardly oppose the latest Russian. Perhaps British intelligence deliberately scare its citizens because the document raises the question: why the British government does not set itself the goal to create a new tank that could stand up to the "armata"? Generals see problem that tank "Challenger 2" will remain the arms armies of Great Britain until 2035. One such tank costing $ 8.6 million, and since 1993 have so far been produced 440.
"Uralvagon Institute" in Nizhny Tagil in the Sverdlovsk region produces supertenk. It has already signed an agreement on creating 100 "armata" for the Russian army, and by 2025 for the Russian army will be made about 2,500 such tanks. The trial party of twenty "armata" tanks was created 2015. That year, May 9 at Victory Day "armata" the first time "growled" at Red Square and shocked military analysts around the world.

Previous tests "Armata" at the training grounds of the Ministry of Defence has shown great results. Thanks to the stealth technology tank is difficult to see on radar. It has its own radar to detect enemy armored vehicles. Firing guided missiles and has a 125 mm gun. 

- This is the only tank in the world that has in himself an armored capsule that protects the three-member crew even if the tank is hit by a rocket - praise the designers. - Even the most modern helicopter "Apache" can not destroy this tank. Besides that, tank has individual missile defense. "Armata" has a kind of radar had never applied a single tank. Therefore he sees targets in the air, and on the body of the tank is more cameras that allow him 360 degrees view. That tank can share information with other crews during the fight, and in addition has devices to distinguish "his - enemy". It can develop speed up to 90 kilometers, and weighs 48 tons. It can shoot up to eight kilometers in the distance! 
When all tests are complete and State Commission give green light, it can be admitted to the armament of the army of the Russian Federation, "Uralvagon Institute" will begin the mass produced and sold to other countries. The factory in Nizhny Tagil after production of the first test "armata" said that one cost about 7.9 million dollars, which placed it among the most expensive in the world. But even then the management of the factory explained that when it starts production of large series price of a tank will be much lower. 

Russian supertank will go into battle on the part of the market where they sell the best and most expensive tanks - the American "Abrams", German "leopards", as well as those that are considered "first league" among the most dangerous machinery.

Aware that the Russian "armata" is superior, the Germans and the French have decided to jointly plant tank "Leopard-3" for thinking that he could compete with Russian supertank. If adopted their joint concept, mass production would start by 2030.

Fierce competition

It is interesting that in 1976 the United States considered the possibility of buying the German "Leopard 2AV", but were eventually chosen for their own tank. Led the real competitive war between "General Motors" and "Chrysler", but 1976. "Chrysler" won. Afterwards the tank "abrams" was repeatedly modernized. He has one of the best systems in the world to open fire. The main benefits of laser sight and
so-called thermal imaging. It is interesting that the "Abrams" was better than "leopard" in the night shooting, but was weaker in the speed of opening fire at the day time.

When last year represented, the latest version of the German tank "Leopard-2 A7", produced by concern "Krauss-Maffei Wegmann-", he advertised as very well protected against a variety of anti-tank rockets, and that improved shooting on the move.


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