Dodge Challenger Shakedown - a combination of classic design, brute strength and modern components

No matter how much we liked the modern technology and the latest developments in the automotive world, American "muscle car" have always been our silent suffering and unfulfilled dream. But no matter how good it sounded cruise vast expanses while our sense of hearing caressing gurgling sound V8 monster under the bonnet, in the real world, such joy has its bad side. One of them is that joy takes as long until you see the first corner, and although it may sound a bit exaggerated, believe me, not so far from reality. When with this mention the brakes, which would be comparable to the effectiveness of attempts stopping locomotive, it is clear that in those years the security was not high on the priority list. Of course, all this gives them a special charm, but definitely we would have no objection if some of these components was improved.

If you are wondering why such an introduction, the answer is Dodge Challenger Shakedown, presented at SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas. Shakedown Challenger under only slightly modified bodywork of the Challenger in 1971, lies a modern 6.4-liter HEMI V8 Mopar that delivers 485 horsepower, and there is a new, additional lowered chassis which, combined with a huge 19 and 20 inch wheels offers enjoyment driving even when the road before you throw a few curves. Of course, with all this is done and top-quality work on the brakes and the car's interior. If you ask us, this blend of classic design and modern technologies is definitely a winning combination.


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