What kind of woman are most attractive to men

It doesn't matter whether you have a certain type of woman, surely you will agree with us that all men like certain things on a women. Scientists just wanted to determine what it is that every man secretly look on woman and came to a very interesting answer.

1. Buttocks and hips
Yes, men love women who have little bigger buttocks and hips. The men agreed that women with larger hips and buttocks are more attractive and would be unlikely to prevail those women.

2. High voice
Although the voice we least pay attention, research has shown that women with higher voices were more attractive to men.

3. Hair
No wonder women spend so much time at the hairdresser and arrange their hair. Women with good haircuts almost always have a pass in men, which is understandable. Women with long hair proved to be the more attractive, and men said to like more when their better half have long strands.

4. Smile (teeth)

Nobody likes yellow and rotting teeth. Therefore, the white smile is one of the most important things that men are always looking for in a girl.

5. Natural look
Although women are constantly thinking that with a ton of makeup look better, men do not think so. Almost all men said that women with natural look are far better than those who wear makeup, implants and other accessories. 

6. Redhead
If any of the fairer sex will meditate in what color to dye, then you must know that the red color is winning. Red-haired girl proved to be the most attractive, which means that blondes are not so hot. 


  1. well ... I should shoot myself

    1. Not really, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You don't need men but that one Man who will cherish you and love you

    2. It's beer holder not beholder😄

    3. Every woman says that one man who will cherish you and we men over trying to find that one woman that loves jesus, doesn't gossip,looks natural. Not everyman wants a freaking cardi b or j lo .

  2. This is like some nonsense out of Redbook...,social propaganda nonsense

  3. This is just click bait to run ads. English is not the author's first language, written at a grade 6 level and lots of jibberish whe words dont translate betw languages. Total joke of an article.

  4. If you have too much red, buttocks, etc.. you will satiate soon enough. You don't need this.

  5. the chola mondonguda with cellulite thighs and cellulite butt.


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