Bro Codes Every Man Should Live By

Surely you've heard of "Bro Code". These are unwritten men rules, but which a large number of men reserved. These rules require that men are always there for one another and never to let a woman come between them.

We present you the unwritten rules by which every man has to live:

 1)     Bros’ over hoes

2)     A bro shall honor his family

3)     A bro shall always remain loyal to his bros

4)    A bro shall be responsible for the ‘weaker’ bros

5)    A bro’s Biological sisters, mother and ex-girlfriends are out of bounds

6)     A bro shall fulfill his wingman duties with uttermost seriousness

7)     Bros shall be brutally honest with one another

8)     A bro shall always protect his bros

9)     A bro shall never share a bed with another man

10)  A bro shall adhere to the strict do’s and don’ts of communication


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  2. P.s....nothing against my gay friends....just doesn't make sense.


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