There’s A New Café In Switzerland Where You Can Get BJ With Your Coffee

If by any chance you go astray in Switzerland and come to Geneva, morning coffee could totally make your day better, as of the end of last year, Geneva is richer for Fellatio Cafe, a coffee shop where with morning coffee, you can order oral sex. Of course, only if you are interested in such things, otherwise you can only drink great coffee and ignore the offer of beautiful girls who are available in case you want to start your day with favorite cup of coffee, "seasoned" with morning BJ.

The company behind Fellatio cafe, argues that every guest with a cup of coffee on the iPad will be able to choose between several beautiful sex workers, who will then provide a service of oral sex. How much such fun cost? So you could probably assume that this is the most expensive coffee in Europe, as the same advertised on the Fellatio cafe website, and will service of oral sex cost 60 Swiss francs, which is about $60. The café is open along the lines of a similar cafe that for some time work in Bangkok, and soon plans the opening of the same in Paddington, England.


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