Bring Water Back Into Your Life On A Daily Basis For A Better Life

Do you take water for granted on a daily basis? More than likely if you live in a first world country you simply turn on the tap and can fill up a glass or tub of water as often as you like. Due to the fact that we have a seemingly never-ending supply it is easy to forget how essential it is to daily life. Our brain is composed of 75% water and earth surface is composed of 71%. Looking at those numbers you can understand that that is a lot of water.

For such a common element, it is an absolutely essential part of our lives.

The Historical Aspect Of Water

Let's turn back the hands of times and start at the very beginning, the evolution of sea creatures. There once was a time when we slithered out of the water for the first time and began to grow appendages that would let us traverse the lands. However, we would continues to stay close to the waters. Scientists believe that it is due to our aquatic diet which was rich in omega three fatty acids help to develop our brains and allowed us to progress through evolution.

Let's skip forward several thousand years and we know that societies begin to live and thrive by water. Fishing was always an essential part of early societies and as the societies of all the waterways provided opportunities for trade and transportation.

While the waterfront may not be a substantial aspect of living it is still an enjoyable aspect of our living today. Consider how much oceanview properties cost in the real estate market! Tab l to being near water ikewise, a vast majority of people who do not live near the wa to being near water to vacation near the water.

The Absolute Benefits Of Water

While there are many physical benefits of water that includes allowing us to stay hydrated and moisturize skin there are also many psychological benefits as well.

The Sound Of a Water

Various studies have shown that there is a positive impact on our mental health by being close to water. It would seem that the minerals in the air and water reduce the amount of stress on the body. The negative ions that are around the water increase the flow of oxygen to the brain thereby increasing and improving mental energy and awareness. In addition, the salt that is contained in the water and air helps to preserve serotonin, melatonin, and tryptamine which all help to allow for better rest and a general feeling of well-being.

The sound order has also been shown to improve our mental health. Years order has been used as a solution to create a soothing atmosphere for the human mind. It is believed that the rhythm of water in the tides have the ability to affect the rhythm of our own moral waves within the brain which help to encourage a peaceful process of thought patterns.

Scientists have also referred to sound water as white noise in which individuals can hear any number of things within the sound and we are able to allow our thoughts flow naturally. Listening to the sounds during the process of meditation we are able to get lost in the sensation and truly focus on nothing.

One feeling that we can truly understand while we're at sea or a lake is the feeling of genuine awe. Tab there is just something about the beauty and serenity of water that affects us like few other things on this planet. Science is shown that this feeling can lead to general behaviors such as kindness and magnanimity.

In fact, it is believed that this feeling can lead to a general sense of satisfaction in life. It helps to offer that life is plentiful and in general people tend to donate more to charity than worrying about their own possessions.

How To Bring Water To Your Daily Life

We all know that it is not possible to take a drive to the ocean just to feel better about ourselves, this is especially true dependent upon your geographic position. However, there are some simple ways which you can bring the power of water to your daily life and help improve how you feel. You could get a feature in the home - if this is an option then consider Soothing Company's guidebook on indoor fountains.

Is Water In Your Home Or Office?

One of the simplest ways to bring water into your home or office is through the use of foul or fish tank. This simple step has the ability to drowned out all of the background noise such as traffic and people and allow you to feel as though you're outdoors

Water Before Bed

Look online or purchase a CD that offers the sounds of natural water, such as a rain forest or ocean. You see sounds before you go to sleep as it will help to relax you and offer a much better rest.

Enjoy The Benefits Of The Spa

Steam in warm water the ability to offer several benefits to your aching and tired body. This is one of the reasons you see steam rooms and hot and cold pools at many spas. However, if you do not have the luxury of enjoying a day of the spa the same affect can be created at home with a warm soak in the tub or a hot shower. In fact, by simply running water in your home will help to create the same negative ions as the ocean and will boost your mental energy.

Seaside Vacations

Whether you choose to spend a weekend at the beach or a day hike in to a spectacular waterfall, it is more than worth that to enjoy nature to enjoy the soothing effects. Remember how we talked about the effects of beautiful surroundings and our mental status.

It is so easy to overlook the many benefits of water we receive on a daily basis, however it is essential that we pay attention and bring in as much water to our daily lives as possible.


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