The hairy chest is back in style!

As you know, in recent years male hair were not trendy, so a large number of men decided to remove them, whether by wax, shaver, cream or epilation that is permanent. Still, in all likelihood, the hairy chest are now more popular than ever, and the trend of showing up with the masculine element has been revived.

It is not very clear why this trend comes back in fashion when it comes to cultivation culture. Last year, advocates of the trend of hairlessness were ready to declare this trend officially dead. The millennial's accepted these news virtually with joy, because they wanted to be in touch with their feminine side, or something like that. The athletes removed even more hair from their body to be more aerodynamic.

Nevertheless, as now is popular life in line with nature and a more natural look, the hairy chest perfectly follow the whole story. If by any chance you feel that natural hairy chests are not a scene that is attractive, then you can decorate it with a medallion that will pick up all the attention. 

Lovers of retro culture want to be recognized as part of the responsibility for this trend, because they have pointed out the beauty and masculinity of Burt Reynolds, for example, and other male figures who adhered to this trend.
Now, more and more popular people, like Kanye West, Robbie Williams and Harry Styles publicly and proudly wear little on their chests, wearing unbuttoned shirt and jewelry around the neck. Fashion lovers naturally claim that all this has to do with the return of the fashion of the seventies, which we could see during fashion shows held in Paris, London, Milan and New York. 

Icons like Dolce & Gabbana and Versace offered us this retro glamor, in the form of bell bottom pants and similar pieces. With them in our corner, we can freely say that real men get their five minutes of fame again. Make good use of it. 


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