Ridley Scott announces the Gladiator Sequel

Director Ridley Scott has allegedly started working on the story of the beloved movie, which won the award as the best film, while the main actor, Rasel Krou, received the Best Actor Award.
As you probably recall, the character played by Rasel Crow, Maximus Decimus Meridius, has walked through the fields of afterlife in order to reunite with his wife and son. Unless the film's action takes place in the underworld, it is not very likely that Crowe will again play his heroic role.

Instead, the sequel focuses on the story of Lucius, son of Lusila (Koni Nilsen) and nephew of Komodus (Hoakin Phoenix), a cowardly Emperor who killed his father, Marcus Aurelius, in order to seize the throne. Those who remember the film will recall that as a gladiator, Maximus left a powerful impression on Lucius, which sparked jealousy and the rage of Komodus. At the end of the film, Maximus saves Lucille and Lucius, before confronting Komodus in the arena.

The sequel is managed by Ridley Scott and his Scott Free Production Company, if it's to believe the claims of numerous magazines, Scott will direct this film, while Peter Craig, who worked on two movies from the Hunger Games series, will get the role of screenwriter.

While the original film is the work of Dreamworks, they are not interested in continuing to continue, so Paramount, according to sources, will do it.

Ridley Scott is currently working on his first TV series, Raised by Wolves. He also has several other ongoing films, including a film about the formative years of the young wizard Merlin, so we'll probably have to wait a bit for the Gladiator sequel. 

The first part of this film earned $ 460 million worldwide, as well as five Oscars, so this is not the first time to talk about it. The legendary singer and writer, Nick Cave, prepared his sequel in which Maximus returns from the dead thanks to the body of a murdered Christian martyr. As Nik says: Rusel called me and asked if I wanted to write Gladiator 2. For someone who had only one movie script before that, it was a big task. I asked him, "Hey, didn't you die in that movie?" Where he said "Yes, yes, fix it".


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