February 12 is the day when women break up with men most often

Believe it or not, just 2 days before Valentine's Day is the most risky period for you to be dumped. A dating web site "IllicitEncounters.com" has done a survey to discover something about people who sign up to their website and who are trying to find pair for themselves. In addition to the many questions that were found on this dating site, one of the questions was "Do you remember when you broke up with the last boyfriend." 

A large number of girls marked February 12 as the date when they decided to break with their boyfriend, which indicated that this is a day that is not happy for men. There are no explanations for this, and many claim that this is a coincidence and that the answers to some other dating sites would certainly have been different, but the research done by this site still says that men should be "frightened" on February 12th.

So, on that day, make sure you are maximally gentle, nice and kind to your girls, and give them yourself and your love, otherwise there is a great risk of being single for Valentine's Day. 


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