Which smartphones emit the most radiation?

Germany's Federal Radiation Protection Office carried out a survey in which it wanted to find out which phones are the most dangerous for our health. It is widely known that the phones radiate and have a bad effect on our body, but which phones do the greatest damage.

Although all phones have been shown to emit dangerous radiation, the most dangerous phones featured Xiaomi Mi A1 and OnePlus 5T models that had the largest amount of negative radiation. However, good news is that there are telephones that emit quite a bit of radiation and that do not have a dangerous effect on our body, so they can be used more often. 

So, make sure that the phone is not near you when it's not necessary and avoid sleeping with your phone next to your head, because only in this way you will save yourself from harmful radiation, and of course, try to buy models that emit less radiation.

Photo: German Federal Office for Radiation Protection / digitaltrends.com  


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