Here's how they make the gross sound effects for Mortal Kombat games

When you see how disgusting the sounds of breaking bones and crunching your skull are, you won't believe it ...

Mortal Kombat is one of the best gaming series, and the latest 11 part of this game has delighted all gamers' around the world. This game is characterized by a plethora of characters possessing superhuman powers and a fight that is bloody, brutal and very explicit and visual. All this makes this game a favorite of many. Even though the emphasis is on the visual aspect of the game, sounds play a very important role. In no other game will you be able to hear such clearly defined sounds of bone fracture, jaw cracking and heart extraction.

So we decided to show you how these sounds are recorded and what these guys have do to create the most realistic and compelling sounds of fights and injuries. Believe it or not, they most commonly use fruits, vegetables, nuts, tools, and knives to achieve these sounds. Such recorded sounds are driven through special software and receive incredible sound effects that will make you sick.

Watch the video:


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