New Pagani Huayra BC Roadster

The world of supercars has become even more interesting since we got a new Huayra BC version. Although this car was introduced two years ago, this is a Roadster version that brings some novelty over the previous model.

The first thing that was changed is the engine. Now under the hood is a 6.0 liter engine that develops 800 horsepower and makes you drive in this vehicle like in Formula 1. The car is also lighter than the previous model and now weighs 1250 kg, which is extremely light and easy to achieve higher speeds.

The exterior has also been redesigned to make the car more responsive at higher speeds, so new spoilers, diffusers and air intakes have been added to enhance aerodynamics and make the vehicle much more stable on the road.

The price of one Roadster model will be $ 3.4 million, which means that this is a hyper luxury car that only a few of the richest people on earth will be able to afford.

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