Vegetarian ate one burger and became a butcher

It was not difficult for her to transfer to another team ...

Tammi Jonas, now 49, stopped eating meat at the age of 19 when she read the book "Animal Libertion," by philosopher Peter Singer. Tami said she could not believe the meat industry was treating these animals and did not want to be involved in killing and raising animals for human consumption.

She was a complete vegan for 30 years and did not taste meat, but at the age of 49, when she was pregnant with her third child, she felt an incredible need for meat and ate her first burger in three decades. At that moment, she experienced a turnaround she cannot explain.

Tammi claims that the taste of the meat brought her incredible happiness and that she felt much better because of meat and that she was also much healthier. Because she had little iron in her body due to her lack of red meat, Tammi was severely anemic, but after several meaty meals, her blood count became drastically better.

Tammi says she realized at the time that meat was essential in human consumption and that it was good for her and her baby, so she decided to put her vegan rules aside and start eating meat again.

However, Tammi decided to provide a better life for the animals she eats, so she and her husband set up a farm to house pigs, cows and chickens. She made sure that the animals on her farm had perfect conditions and did not suffer at all, and when slaughter came, she tried to do so on older animals, which did not have much life left.

Tammi says that she has changed her awareness of meat and believes it is necessary for a healthy human body, but that this does not mean that humans should be cruel to animals and breed them in inhumane conditions. That is why she gives an example to all livestock and meat industries and says that we need to treat the animals that feed us as family members. 


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