Planning Your Spanish or Portuguese Golf Vacation

Spanish and Portuguese golfing trips have been popular for a long time, and it's fairly simple to understand why. There are over 300 golf courses in Spain and Portugal, meaning that both beginner golfers and people with more experience have options that appeal to them. It has more options than any other country in continental Europe, and the climate is comfortable throughout the year, meaning that you can golf in any season.

Look Beyond The Coastal Regions

Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, and Costa de la Luz and Algarve golf courses are the most popular choices for golfers on vacation. These regions are beautiful, and it's easy to see why they're such a big draw for travelers.

Still, you should be aware that major cities like Barcelona also offer excellent options. For example, El Prat has a course that Greg Norman designed. Explore all of your options so that you can plan out the perfect golf vacation.

Bring Proof Of Handicap With You When You Travel

It's common for Spanish golf courses to request that golfers provide proof of handicap. You may want to secure a certificate before you leave for your trip. Typically, women will have a limit of a 36 handicap, while the cap for men will be 28.

Make Sure You're Aware Of Blue Flag Buggy Rules

Every club has their own restrictions when it comes to using buggies while on fairways. There are clubs that don't allow them at all, clubs that allow them to be used in the summer, and clubs that allow them to be used in certain weather conditions.

If you have a health problem, it's also likely that you'll be able to obtain a blue flag that will allow you to use a buggy. Of course, you'll need to provide a letter from your doctor that you can present to the club you're visiting. You should get this taken care of before you leave for Spain.

You'll want to take care of several other things before you leave for your trip. You'll want to plan ahead and ensure that you pack the appropriate clothing. You should check schedules and find out when courses will be doing maintenance. You'll also want to book times with clubs and confirm any extras ahead of time.


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