Children Resemble Their Fathers More Than Their Mothers

The latest scientific research published in Nature Genetics has revealed that children have more father's genes than mother's ...

Until now, it was thought that the genes of mother and father were equally shared in the child and that the child could look like both mother and father. While it is true that a child can physically resemble both parents, recent studies have shown that the father’s genes are more dominant and that each child always looks a little more like the father than the mother.

In addition to the facial features that are most obvious and that we always notice first, children directly inherit a smile, height, and even traits from their fathers. It doesn't matter if the child is male or female, in general, every child will look more like a father than a mother. Some may not notice these similarities, but trust us, they are there.

A child's facial features are usually a mixture, or they can be a literal copy of one parent, including the mother, that is the only thing where fathers genes are not dominant, but in other segments of gene inheritance, fathers simply have a more dominant and stronger gene that determines how the child will look.


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