How many calories do we lose during orgasm?

Experiencing an orgasm is a powerful experience for the whole body ...

Your muscles spasm, your breathing speeds up, and you may even experience profuse sweating. Precisely because of this physical part, a large number of people wonder how many calories an orgasm burns. When your heart beats as if you were running a marathon and you feel a muscle spasm as if you just came out of the gym, there must be something in it.

One study done five years ago, about which you may have heard somewhere so far, and led by the world-famous Dr. Julie Frappier, is based on the number of calories that men and women lose during full sexual intercourse. Published in one publication, this research revealed to the world that men lose about four calories in one minute on average, while women lose three calories during orgasm. The practical part of this research was definitely more than fun.

Unfortunately, it seems as if this figure does not represent too much in such a short time, even if you represent a man who has mastered the techniques of multiple orgasms or some other modern method of experiencing climax, procrastination and other things related to it. Additionally, the conclusion is that sex, however, cannot burn a light, let alone a hearty meal.

However, do not despair, there is good news behind everything. Although orgasm does not burn too many calories, it still has numerous health benefits, it can drive away pain, improve sleep, all cognitive functions and improve mood.

You may or may not have known this, but scientists have concluded that although ejaculation does not represent an orgasm every time, regular orgasms and ejaculations are protective factors in the fight against prostate cancer, as studies from the beginning of the millennium have proven.

The conclusion is that orgasms are a very good thing, but they are simply not the first when it comes to burning calories, because sex is by no means an exercise, that is why you should go in the gym immediately after it.


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