Someone talked about the fight club - the police broke into a fighters club with 200+ people

In New York (a city, not a state), a club of fighters called "Rumble in the Bronx" was held, and the guys drank, smoked weed, fought - without any epidemiological measures. Somehow we think, if you’re willing to fight with random people, you don’t realy care too much about epidemiological measures.  


The NYPD arrested as many as 10 organizers, seized weapons, cannabis, and who knows what else.


Organizer and CEO Michael Roman has been indicted, and this guy promotes events like this on social media. He had obviously forgotten all the rules of the Fight Club.  
There should also be some Fight Club in Orlando in December, now that this guy is locked up, we’ll see what happens to that. Or we won't. You and I will probably forget about this as soon as you close the tab. Ah well.



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