Plastic surgeries that men did the most in 2020

Yes, men are starting to go "under the knife" ...


When we talk about plastic surgery, the first things that come to mind are singers, actresses and starlets who give huge sums of money to "beautify" their body. However, just when we thought we were glad to be men, we learned that the number of men doing plastic surgery had increased dramatically.

In 2017, more than 1.3 million men worldwide underwent some form of plastic surgery or correction on their body, and in 2020 that number almost tripled, which is a very large number. Although there are those who perform these operations for medical reasons, the most common reasons are aesthetic in nature.

Men are becoming more and more dissatisfied with their appearance and it seems to us as if every other man wants a sculpted belly, big shoulders and breasts like Michelangelo’s David. Although perfect physical appearance can be achieved through hard training and work, many choose the easier but far more expensive way, and that is plastic surgery.

The latest surveys showed the 5 most common cosmetic surgeries that men performed in 2020, and here are the procedures in question:

1. Nose reconstruction

2. Inserting the implant into the breast

3. Insertion of implants into arm muscles (most often biceps)

4. Liposuction

5. Waist reduction

Do you support the fact that men change their physical appearance in this way or do you think that it is absolute nonsense. Many people follow the logic that if women can do that, why men can't do the same, while others think that the implanting artificial muscles is meaningless, because you can shape your body with the help of appropriate training and diet.

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  1. I didn't know that they can insert the implant into biceps and breast. That's why some people's looks fake.
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