This is the biggest wolf in the world

Andrey Musienko has a wolf as a pet, from which the blood freezes in the veins ...  


Although everyone mostly likes small and cute puppies that melt our hearts, some people like to take care of real giants. However, Andrej, who lives in Russia, decided to be the owner of a dangerous Canadian wolf, which is also the largest wolf on the planet.  


Andrey found his best friend while he was a puppy, so he raised him and made him a real guard dog. He says that his wolf is too good and very good with people, but that he knows to be awkward with other dogs, because it is still a wild beast that is territorial and a bit aggressive.

However, Andrej tries to keep him at a safe distance from everyone and keeps him in his big yard, and he regularly uploads clips with his pet to his social networks. Take a look at some of his clips and you will understand how big this beast really is.



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