Someone definitely needs this: How to open a champagne bottle with style - without any injuries

Leave the opening with the sword to the masters - although the only masters we’ve seen end up on fail video compilations.

Look, the pressure in champagne wine has accumulated more than in car tires. If you open it carelessly, the plug can fly off at speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour. No one wants to end up in someone’s eye, neck or big nice TVs. Or Grandma's collection of ceramic deer.

How to open champagne safely and effectively? Not in the pool, that’s also another note.


Open it while it's cold. Pressure is created if the champagne is warm inside. After all - who wants to drink warm champagne?

Dry the walls of the bottle before opening, especially if the bottle rested on ice. You don't want it to slip out of your hand.

Be careful as you remove those tiny wires from the cork. A lot of bottles burst prematurely, men know what it’s like. The best way you can open champagne is with the help of a cloth. It can be fancy Chinese silk with a crazy number of threads, and it can also be plain kitchen silk, nobody cares, everyone focuses on the bottle.

Tilt the bottle at a 45-degree angle (not a degree more !!!), direct the stopper away from guests, windows, and Grandma's pottery collection. Grab the stopper with a cloth, turn it slowly, and pull it out until it comes out. It’s not theatrical, but it’s safer. If you want to theatrically, open the bottle safely, and then spray like a Formula 1 winner.


All the best and we wish you a safe opening of champagne tonight.


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