Why do we rub our feet before we fall asleep?

Are you doing this too?

New scientific research conducted in Italy has dealt with human behaviors of which we are largely unaware. One of the research topics was rubbing your feet before bed. Research has shown that almost 80% of people do this when they go to bed without even being aware of it.

The question is, why?

Scientists associate this behavior with the instinctive behavior we have when we are small babies. Babies often rub their feet before going to bed and thus prepare for sleep. That instinct remains in us even when we are mature and aware, because it helps us to "snuggle" and fall asleep.

Another reason is that rubbing is pleasing. All the nerve endings in our body are on our feet, so when we rub them, our body relaxes and unwinds, which again helps us fall asleep easier.

So feel free to rub your feet when you go to bed, because that will make your sleep better and firmer.


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