Women reveal why they like loud sex


The louder, the better ...


Women like to be loud during sex and that is a well-known thing. Some are quieter, some louder, but the fact is that all women like to make some kind of erotic sounds while making love. We wondered why and if those sounds represented something.  


We found a survey that was done in the United States and that just answers this question of ours.  


About 1000 women of different ages and occupations participated in this survey. 85% of women said that they adore when they are loud during sex and that it makes them happy, satisfied and fulfilled.


They most often described the sounds as moaning and shouting, and they admitted that it excites them because in that way they express their feelings and excitement most sincerely.  


"Moaning comes naturally and we don't think much about it. Simply put, when we are in a relationship that pleases us, our body just reacts like that and makes us make erotic sounds. I would like to compare that with a kind of trance that I can't control and that makes us do things we don't think about, "said one of the interviewed women and confirmed that loud sex is proof that women enjoy a relationship with a man.  


So, if you notice that your girlfriend is getting louder and louder and can't control her sighs and moans, then that means you've given her the perfect evening. 


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