This is the most expensive motorcycle in the world

The Swiss watch manufacturer, Bucherer, has become a partner with the Bündnerbike tuning workshop to present an incredibly luxurious approach to designing an iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycle ...

The outcome of the collaboration comes in the form of the Harley-Davidson Blue Edition model, according to all the data, currently the most expensive new motorcycle in the world, worth $ 1.88 million. The first thing to notice is the incredible deep blue shade of this two-wheeler made by applying six layers of paint over specially protected silver metal.

In its assembly there are 360 diamonds and gold-coated markings screwed onto the tank, which has an unique Bucherer watch, on which dials the drive elements of this motorcycle are included.

Bucherer's jewelery also decorate hand-holds, containing 5.40 carat diamonds housed in reinforced glass dome tops, and are set just so that things become even more glittering, if they were not already enough, each detail is manually created, with a total of 2,500 operating hours, as needed to compile this limited line.

Bucherer also adds 16 unique watches to the line to mark this incredible and unusual collaboration.



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