10 cult movies for men

There are some movies that you just have to watch. It's not because you will look stupid because you didn't watch those movies, this is a matter of common culture. And we want you to be polite.

10. Reservoir dogs

In the heyday of the film in the early nineties, they all wanted to wear a black suit with a narrow black tie, whether it be high school graduates or the business people. Men with style must do men's job in this man's movie.
Tarantino at its best.

9. The Big Lebowski

This is not a war story though Vietnam is mentioned many times. The three heroes are not saviors of the world, they are rolled, tragicomic, sometimes insane. And what are their chances in a world full of nihilists? Not a typical male movie, but the film company of men, that somewhere with beer, root for the underdogs

8. Basic Instincts

Whoever said that Diabolique (1996) a remake failed for the simple reason that you can not sell to the audience Sharon Stone as a teacher, he was right. But in this erotic thriller, it is irreplaceable. Sexy, irresistible, and perhaps fatal, the sum of all the male desires and fears,
Stone made Basic Instinct  ​​to be mandatory item in any serious male Filmoteka.

7. The good, the bad and the ugly

Even the girls who have no such inclinations, would chose Sharon Stone for life companion before than any of the three, rough, unshaven, dusty guys with guns. Generally they are divided into good, bad and ugly, although it is actually dead heat between them for the viciousness and ugliness. Skillful "gunman" hand Sergio Leone shines in this men's Western, which ends with the famous threeuel, accompanied by excellent music by Enio Morricone.

6. The Warriors

Street gangs in this movie are presented in the most likely range defined by the visual image seen in a film, a conflict in which the feet remain on the tarmac or in the same dirty road forever falling. Extremely charismatic done a film where the violence is presented in a somewhat romantic form, but perhaps because of this every man after watching the movie wants to put on their "colors" and become naughty boy. At least for one night.

5. Godfather

"It'sbusiness, nothing personal," words that accurately describe the world presented in the film. It's a brutal man's world where men make difficult decisions, and in which every emotion is a weakness that could cost you dearly. I was watching him through the director, screenplay, acting and music, this film is exceptional in every way. God is in heaven "Godfather" of the Eearth.

4. Wild bunch

If the saying goes, why simple when you can
complicated, for Sam Pekinpoa would be: why couple of murders, when you can record a scene of mass carnage, with for example this movie ends. Thus, it follows that the concerned director could not reach fame teen comedies and family dramas (though he had a "calm" movies). Wild Bunch is a true saga of male size, charisma and the suffering of strong guys wild, wild west.

3. Dirty Harry

I belong to the group of those fans of the film who watched him as kids and who, when Harry finally corner the villains in a dead end, counting the bullets that are fired in order to know whether the
villain get out when Harry, with a gun pointed asked, "Do you feel lucky? "Of course, the villain never had any luck. Harsh, grim but fair, Harry Callahan.

2. Rocky

He-man fighter. Boxing and wins all underdogs and champions Americans, African Americans and Russians (mostly anti-social types, larger than him).
Faithful and wonderful woman Adriana sits shivering in the audience. It hurts her every time they strike him, but he feels nothing. Because he is the one and only absolute champion-Rocky Balboa!

1. Cross of Iron

Peckinpah gives us a picture of the German army in front of disarray evil careerists-officers and of course the main actor, Steiner, a warrior in the truest sense of the word. Without belief, and ideology (despises, he says, his uniform and everything it represents), this complex personality but deliberately risking his life fighting. A warrior in the blood, does not see himself as a hero or fight for the medals,
and never leaves battlefield, because outside of it, he feel he does not exist. Has an opportunity to get away with a nice nurse somewhere in peace and start a new life, but he returned to the front line while remaining a warrior to the end. It is hard to retell simply must take a look: Cross of Iron.



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