Five quick meals that anyone can prepare

You have a desire to cook something to your girlfriend, but you are not exactly James Oliver in the kitchen. It bothers you that all the recipes seem very difficult for most foods and you do not even  know what they look like.

We bring you five simple recipe dishes that you can prepare in less than an hour and you'll enjoy both.

Chicken with mushroom sauce

Chicken with mushroom sauce
Most women love chicken. Even if it is on a diet with this meal you will not go wrong, and preparing chicken is very simple. Buy a chicken breast, whisk it a bit, enhance salt and leave it at least half an hour.

Container in which you bake the chicken is coated with a little oil. You put the meat to cook and
meanwhile you make the sauce. Stew onion in a little oil, add half a package of chopped mushrooms, and after five minutes, add the sour cream and leave it for 15 minutes to fry. When the chicken is don  roasted it up with a sauce and served while hot.

Spaghetti with meat

Slightly less than half of the spaghetti cook as much as it says on the package. While they are cooking you prepare spaghetti sauce (you can buy it at any store and on it say how it is prepared). On a little heated oil add minced beef. When it gets a color take it off the fire. Spaghetti put it in a bowl, put over the minced meat, then sauce and finally plane some cheese for garnish.

Catfish fillets with potatoes
Catfish fillets seasoned. For the two of you is enough for about six to eight fillets, since most of the fillets cut after thawing. In a deep pot put sesame seeds and bread crumbs. This mix, put it in the condiment roll catfish fillets. In pan put a little oil and lower fillets. Bake at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. With this dish you serve potatoes.

Fried cheese 

 Fried cheese
For the best fried cheese it is best to use old hard cheese. Cut the it into thin slices, a little dip in the water, then flour, then in egg then in bread crumbs. If you think it will fall apart during cooking, put it again in the eggs and the bread crumbs. Bake in hot oil so it gets a golden color (each side for a minute or two). When baked, leave it on a napkin to absorb excess oil, decorate with parsley, and with it you can set them with the sauce from the first recipe.

Stew with vegetables

Stew with vegetables
On little oil fry the onion and minced meat. Once meat change color, remove from the heat. In casserole or earthenware bowl add oil, chopped onion, half a bag of vegetables (frozen vegetables for soup, you can buy in each store). Over that put the rice, then the other half of the vegetables, then minced meat and chopped large potatoes into slices. All this pasiranig it up with a cup of tomato (Tomatino). Before you put in a baking dish in the oven takes care oven to be cold, not heated.
This needs to be baked an hour.

With all of these dishes can be served the wine, a salad only not goes with spaghetti. For dessert you can feel free to serve a fruit salad or a tart.





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