How to be a gangster?

You've seen all the "Godfathers", "Scarface" and similar plume genre. You desire to become just like Al Pacino in the films? Whether your primary goal is money, fame or women we have a recipe for you, but be careful... mobsters are criminals and crime is not worth lately, and when you end up in jail do not say I did not warn you, when a six foot hairy psycho killer comes to shower next to you, and you fear to drop the soap.

Choose the right name

Every true mobster has a fancy name, which of course comes in quotes between real names. Thing with the name is that one does not give a name to self just because ultimately every street pickpocket and con man can be called a "machine gun", "butcher", "Gravedigger", etc. It is important to earn a name in your milieu, even if it is 'daisy" because it does not necessarily mean that you are "gay" but that might prove unsuitable under the turf and if you are gay, than mafia is not for you.

Close your "mill"

For chatterboxes often sleep with the fishes. Snitches are not like little children in elementary school and are prone to beatings to the respective levels. Imagine what they are doing just hardened criminals are concerned ... better not to know. Basically it is a good saying all Sicilians "Io non parlo ..." aka do the trick, "I do not talk ..." Silence is sometimes more valuable than gold and prevent other metals to  walk into your forehead. And when you learn to keep quiet it will be a lot easier to hang out in this round. Possibly if you can not clog chattering mouth, you can tell jokes, so if you say something that you shouldn't you can say that you are just joking, if they believe you...

Do not dress to gaudy

Wear good clothes. It does not mean that you wear wholesaler. Mobsters always try to keep a "low profile", so you are not advised to get a new Mercedes a the day after the robbery or throwing the bills in a society of lady whom you have just bought a mink coat for a mere 5,000 euros. I'd rather wear faded clothes and if you have to show everyone that you have the money, then let it be small details like effacing Rolex with a leather strap and platinum bracelet.

Hang out with other "colleagues"

Be a pickpocket and be a member of organized crime is not the same thing. Mafia is a broad business and for that you will need a larger number of contributors and links. In this business you can not succeed alone, but you have to "be" yourself because in the end no one can not be trusted. As the old Don said ... "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer ..." When you know all the moves of your enemy then you're always one step ahead.

Do not hang out with police

Socialization with law enforcement and peace is certainly not recommended ... unless you want to cool off, forever ... You should not, under any circumstances, be hanging with the police and if you have cops in the family you will not even "run" in "club selected". You can only make contact with the police when you try to bribe them to "close their eyes" with large rebellion of notes and cartons of cigarettes without stamps.

Respect your mother and wife

The golden rule of the mafia that must be respected mother and wife. Because how can you decide a little trust that you will respect someone who does not care for his mother? And if you want to slap a woman every now and then go to the local branch of "motherfucker" because the organization does not have the right place for offenders against women ... only the "unfit" members of the mob may be used as an act of violence but only in compliance with the "business" .

If you obey these instructions, you will live by the rules of "profession" but even that does not guarantee that you will avoid the shots or at best jail ... and if it comes to that, you and only you are guilty. 


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