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"New Zealand producer Martin Aricraft Company will launch the first commercial jetpack that helps you speed up to 100 km / can fly 1,500 meters".

Martin jetpack

If you are one of those from when you first saw James Bond as in Operation Thunder flying jetpack wanted to have one just for yourself, your dreams could become reality at the end of this year. The New Zealand producer Martin Aricraft Company will launch the first commercial jetpack with whom you speed up to 100 km / able to fly over 1,500 meters. Price is not yet known but it is assumed that it will cost like better family car.


The most futuristic of all vehicles and aircraft in this list is definitely Ryno Motors motorcycle that seemed to come from the science fiction film. This motorcycle with one wheel does not float, and is surprisingly stable, although it have wheel Ryno is controlled body movements. Lean forward to accelerate, tilting back stiffens, while tilting the hand turns. The motor and battery are housed in the wheel, and with a maximum speed of 15 km / h will cross the same number of kilometers. Ryno goes on sale later in the year and the price will be $ 5,295. If you want to be noticed on the road, this is definitely the vehicle for you!


Scroosera is powered by li-ion electric motor located in the rear wheel, and is activated after your leg drive (read pushing off your feet) reach a speed of two km / h. The maximum speed you can achieve with this toy for adults is 22 km / h.


After some delay, the first commercial tourist flights into space will soon happen, and it all thanks to Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic. Even the $ 250,000 cost flight tickets and be among the first passengers to be rich and like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks, Stephen Hwakinga ... the rest of us remains only to wait for that space tourism becomes massive and the prices fall, and until then Virgin Galactic will have to fly from Sweden.


At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, Audi unveiled the future that will soon start appearing in the cars. On motorways very quickly you'll be able to boot your hands off the wheel and your foot off the accelerator pedal so the autopilot could take control of the vehicle. Thanks to 12 ultrasonic sensors, two radars, and one camera and one laser sensor autopilot will review the situation up to 500 meters in front of you, and will be able (if necessary) to do emergency brake.

Amazon Prime AIR

There is probably no one who has ever ordered from Amazon, and then anxiously waited for our postman finally knocked on the door. However, in just five years fortunate in Lodnonu and cities where Amazon's warehouses are would be able to receive packets for tens of minutes after ordering, thanks to Amazon unmanned aircraft that will deliver shipments directly to the client's door!? 


Concorde accident ended not very successful era of supersonic passenger aircraft. But, in the 2018th travelers would again be able to fly faster than sound, thanks to the project of company SPIE Aerospace. Their S-512 does not have windows, but the interior will be equipped with screens on which will display the image send by an external camera. Since cruising speed will be 1.6 mach, from London to New York will arrive in a little over three hours (instead of seven as now takes flight).

Saker S-1

Just a year after the supersonic passenger aircraft will arrive to us and private aircraft that will not fly at the speed of sound, but that would look like a real military aircraft. This two-seater, which will awaken Maverick, will run two jet Williams FJ44-4 engine that will allow you to climb to 15,000 feet, and the launches and the landing will be required runway length of only 450 meters. Pre-order already in progress.


Volocopter give us the future of the helicopter, the aircraft which will be environmentally friend because it will be powered by electric motors that will run no more and no less than 18 rotors!? They will operate 20 independent computers each of which will theoretically be able to operate aircraft. VC200 will achieve a speed of 100 km / h, and one charge of the battery will be able to fly an hour!


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