Koenigsegg ONE:1

Recently we brought you the story of the American super-car Hennessey Venom GT, which developed a speed of 435.31 km / h becoming the fastest production car today. However, the Swedish super-car carmaker Koenigsegg comes the brand new contender for the throne of the fastest production car. Targeted appointed ONE: 1, this car may not be most beautiful representative of the final series of the  supercars, but that's not his intention. But, to get in love to this car, you just need to throw eye on specifications of monstrous V8 heart that is hidden under the bonnet.

We have said that the name ONE: 1 is chosen for a reason, and it is a fact that Koenigsegg has a power to weight ratio of 1:1, which would mean that this 1360 kg car (with liquids) powered engine that develops 1360 horsepower. The Koenigsegg ONE: 1 don't want to be called supercar anymore, but argue that it is the world's first "mega-car". Worth to say, the incredible fact that talking about a maximum torque of 1371 Nm, wich that 5-liter V8 engine with the help of a turbo-charger is supplied at 6000 rpm.
Constructed like a race car that can comfortably ride the city streets, ONE: 1 possesses a tremendous amount of technology that we can see the application in a racing car. Almost every part of the car is made of carbon fiber, which ensures low weight and high body strength. By all seen from Koenigsegg, we think ONE: 1 could cause huge headaches competition from Bugatti and Hennessey, patiently waiting for the Swedes and the gauntlet officially thrown its competitors. Announcement speeds even higher than 450 km / h mean nothing to us until ONE: 1 does not see in action, and to that point we will enjoy the photo gallery of the technological wonders from Sweden.



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