Poses for sex in a car

Poses that can be practiced in the car are limited but still there are enough of them.

"It is important to pay attention not to be too energetic because your partner might break head out of the window".

Sex in the car is usually caused by the need for a simple reason - lack of space. Practice it, because it mostly young and sex in car will always be linked to youth. The older ones, who decide to exchange tenderness reached by the most likely to do so in order to remember the "happy days". Regardless of whether it needs or pleasure, it is important to be resourceful and know how to use a confined space. We are here to advise you with the most ideal positions, although we're pretty sure you're already well practiced.


Probably the most famous pose in sex is great for warming up and is quite easy to do in a car, unless you drive a Mini or Fiat 500. We are sure that we do not need to describe how it is done.


The well-known pose where she is on top, can be run so that it is facing you, where you can enjoy the sight of her boobs jumping, or so that she turned you back. We recommend that you practice this pose in the front seat for more space but just make sure that she does not hurt head (if the girl is higher growth).


Much like a cowgirl, a partner at the top but you are both in a horizontal position. We could call this pose and the reverse missionary. Excellent for women who like to take the initiative. However, this pose would quite depend on your and her height.


You know the pose when the girl lying on her stomach and you are on it? This is the only version which is a partner draped over the front settling themselves, and how her belly falls over the top of the front sit her buttocks being ejected. Ideal for those who aspire to find entry (yes, there are such) but the problem is that you have quite a squeeze with the roof of cars.


Variation Doggy Style with the proviso that the woman leaning against the window, or even, feasible summer, peering through the window (just like a dog does't it?). It is important to pay attention not to be too energetic because your partner might break her head out of the window.


Switch to the back seat with the front to remain in the normal position. Your girl lies back on the lower part of the seat so that her head was resting on the upper part of the seat and the legs to the shoulders to suit your needs. You will front seats provide support and this pose is good because it allows deep penetration due to which it will and your partner enjoy. However, not recommended for long-term enjoyment, because your partner will then have a pretty sore back.


This pose is well known to you from the bed and it is quite easy, you can practice in your car. Enough is your partner lie down the entire length of the rear seat. Her legs on your shoulders will allow a great entry angle and deep penetration. It will, unlike these poses on the bed, her legs can point the roof that will facilitate her whole pose.


Yes, pose called spoon is quite feasible in the car. For those uninitiated lying on your side behind your partner. Pose for quite intimacy but it requires a little more gift in order to your girlfriend enjoyed.

On the hood

Of course, you can only run for the warmer summer night or day unless you are an Eskimo. Lie down on the hood, lifting her legs in. .. rest you know. You have more space than in the interior, but the greater the chance that someone will notice. Do not forget the possibility of recess hood.


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