Guide to Tattoo: Things that you should consider before getting a tattoo [part one]

Well done tattoo is a great and beautiful memories that you will carry for life. Cheap and hasty tattoo's not. How many times have you heard that someone has tattooed the name of an ex-girlfriend who wants to hide, how many times have you laughed at some stupid tattoo that looks awful and how many times you felt sorry for someone doing stupid tattoos? Too many times. For all these reasons, we decided to explore the world of tattooing and agreed this guide for a tattoo.

In this section, we will discuss about the things you need to take matter before tattooing.

1. Explore!

So, you have decided on a tattoo. Frankly, you always wanted to be tattooed and you always think it was cool. So, what next? Do you want to run in the first tattoo shop and immediately the whole plot? Of course not. First, it's time to explore. The best start is to search for the best tattoo parlors or the best artists in your area. When you find a salon that seems to be OK, visit it and look around a bit. Make sure everything is clean and tidy, and if you like an artist. Would you like surgical operation in a dirty basement and gather up some strange infection?

Cleaner shop, it is less likely that you will reap a skin infection or worse. The next thing you want to know is the artist. See more of his work, find a style that you like and that fits your idea. Do not be satisfied with the first on which you run, make sure to research the various lounges and various artists until you find someone who will do the most correct.

2. Educate yourself

If you want a cute little butterfly on your back or Thor hammer sign on the belly button, Google tattoo pictures and you will find something for yourself. There is only one problem. That same picture has a million people on the planet. If you want something different, spend a little more time to find the right design for your tattoo. Excellent choice are books and magazines about tattooing expert who explains and analyzes the new and old styles.

3. Size Matters

OK, this might not be the best advice when it comes to tattooing, but certainly not a bad idea. The bigger the tattoo, it fit her more details. When you decide on a small tattoo and try to put a lot of detail, it looks terrible. Decisions that leads to fear never good, and believe us, you will be happier and more satisfied with a tattoo that is more complex and unoriginal.
In addition, small tattoos look worse as the years pass. Over time, the lines are combined, the colors are overlaid and quality simply fade away. What is the tattoo larger, details will look better with age.

4. Location, location, location!

It's very important where tattoo will be. The artist has to be careful and place your tattoo well in relation to your body. Appearance and bearing tattoos must follow the lines of your body, because otherwise you will be very unhappy. When a tattoo is well placed, the design looks natural and feels great on your skin.
Great design can also be destroyed if poorly positioned on the body. This is certainly one of the most important topics for discussion with your artist. Given the fact that the tattoo will last until the end of life, be serious and think carefully about the position.

5. Look for immortality 

If you asked yourself when you've had thirteen years what kind of tattoo you would like, it is less likely that you like same tattoo today. As the years pass, so we and our thinking is changing, and therefore the taste for tattoos. Think carefully about what kind of tattoo design you want on it and will you be happy with for five years. A ten? And the twenty-five?

The timeless design will in twenty years still look great. Removal of tattoos is a very expensive and painful experience reserved for the hasty and ill-considered. Select idea, symbols and design that will always be important and that you will always cherish. For behold, the tattoos are eternal and must be maintained, cuddle and watch.


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