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Bison X Max Sprecher
We know that razors tend to be pretty scary, but there is simply no better way to shave then with macho shaving razor on what kind of writing this article. Bison X Max Sprecher razor is a premium product that is made to last for generations, which will provide you with the possibility that one day this macho ritual transfer to your grandson and give him a razor which served you dozens of years.

Blade Bison X Max Sprecher razors made ​​by the method of forging carbon steel, and made ​​to last, while the razor derived from carbon fiber, which makes it lightweight and perfectly balanced. This high-quality razor comes in a leather case which is also handmade, and if you liked the razor at first sight, and wait to we mention how much money you have set aside for such a macho perfection.

You will have to reach deep into your pocket as razor itself is $ 895, while for an additional $ 250 you can buy the original box, which is hand-made ​​from tropical hard wood cocobolo. Tailor-made boxes for your Bison razor will keep it at a time when not in use, a strap for sharpening of beef skin will allow you to always keep your razor sharp for the next meeting with your face.


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