5 future combat aircrafts

These five programs are currently in development and will result in a modern aircraft of the fifth generation.

"The Chinese reportedly learned about making stealth materials after Serbs deliver them parts of the downed F-117 invisible bomber."

The Chinese have long expressed a desire to be respectable military force, except for numbers, they began adding quality to their weapons systems. Chengdu J-20 is a Chinese fifth-generation aircraft that in use should not enter until 2019. J-20, according to their announcements should have a radar reflection is equal to the American F-22, which forms a respectable plane and dangerous opponent. The inner containers can handle a full range of air - air and air - ground weapons, and the Chinese were allegedly found out about making a stealth materials come after Serbs deliver them parts downed F-117 invisible bomber.

While the Russians presented their PAK FA aircraft, Indians with Sukhoi make two-seat version of the PAK FA, which will be compared to the original advanced in the reflection of radar, sensors, weapons and supercruise speed. Flight of the first prototype is planned for this year, and enter the weapons for 2022, but it's all a big question mark after the Indians expressed concern that the Russians can deliver a quality product. Indians intend to make 210 copies for their own power, a plan plane for exporting. PMF would otherwise have been driven by the engine developed for the fall MiG's 1:44 project and could carry weapons in internal tanks under the wings. 

After South Korea successfully developed a training T-50 aircraft, they turned to the production of the first domestic aircraft 5th generation which would have gained an even greater advantage over neighboring North Korea's air force. Together with Indonesia, the Koreans are officially in the program started four years ago, and the new "invisible" aircraft to the weapon should get about 2020. According to its characteristics should be better than the last-generation F-16, but the F-35 Lightning II still lag behind. How is expected to Korea in their arms and have the F-35 and it will not be a disadvantage. Korea plans to produce 120 aircraft for its air force, and another 80 for Indonesia.

First Chinese stealth aircraft of the fifth generation to the weapons should enter at some plans in two years - the J-31 for the Chinese Air Force, and the F-60 for the international market. The Chinese Air Force has decided to its future force built around two planes - one whose primary goal is the defense of airspace, and another one for the attack on land targets (just like the USAF will "spin" about the F-22 and F-35). While the role of the hunter went to J-20 (which can attack and land targets), J-31 will be paid to attack ground targets, although it was originally designed only with air - air capabilities. In the international market, the J-31 will be a direct competitor to the American F-35.  

Turkish Aerospace Industries has gained experience in production (under license) F-16 aircraft for the Turkish Air Force, and now find that they are ready for a further step - producing the first Turkish fighter aircraft. As the F-35, which Turkey plans to introduce in the future armaments, aircraft limited capabilities in air combat, the Turks intend to produce a fifth-generation aircraft whose purpose was to just battle, (while retaining the ability attacks on ground targets). TFX has been developed by Saab, the weapons should enter 2023, but its development was fiercely opposed by the United States, which sees the loss of jobs for its arms manufacturers. 


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