In these 11 countries live the most beautiful women in the world

In every part of the world, there are a lot of nice people, but it is known that some nations in comparison with others, stand out in beauty. Every woman is beautiful in its own way, but in accordance with generally accepted standards, some of which are distinguished by their appearance. We're talking about ordinary girls that you can see on the street, on public transport in a nightclub...

If it's to believe the prestigious portal Destination's Point, intended for experienced world travelers, these are the countries in which you will find the most beautiful and hottest women in the world. This does not mean that beauty is reserved only for this country, because beauty is everywhere, but here it is in much greater numbers than usual.

South Korean ladies are very appealing, looks very attractive due to its  beautiful and innocent look. Basically they have a good ten and medium height. 

Italian women are very hot. Elegance by virtue of their own outfit, makes them especially delightful. Have Mediterranean complexion and good sense of dressing. 

Ukrainian women are among the boldest and most beautiful women in the world. They are very cute, sexy and sweet at the same time. They have character, mentality and attitudes is very similar to Russian. 

These women attach a lot of importance to beauty. The girls pay a lot of attention to the skin and hair, and do their best to look bold and sexy. This is the reason why women in Argentina are mostly charming. They're tall, darker complexion and fashionable. 

Women in France are known as a very open and pleasant. They live in the land of love and are very romantic and subtle.

Serbian women are the perfect combination of Slavic and Mediterranean genes. Girls are tall, handsome, sexy, and have style to wear. They have piercing eyes and perfect figure. Not only are such thin like models, but have perfect proportions. They have long legs, slim waist, rounded buttocks, beautiful breasts and a perfect flat stomach. 99.99 percent of women have a figure like a movie star!  

Women in this country are skinny, tall, blond and blue-eyed. Gregarious in nature and are attractive to men around the world. Everything you ever heard about them is true.

India is a multicultural country with a very elegant and exotic women of all ages. They have a dark complexion and very feminine approach to everything. What these women seem exceptional is their specific personalities and black shiny hair, you can not find it anywhere.

Venezuela is a country of whose women are among the most beautiful in the world. They are very cute and charming. Venezuela has won numerous awards for Miss world, Miss Universe, and many others. For all these reasons, we believe that Venezuela is full of nice and pretty women bewilder men around the world.

For the Russians, was always thought to be the queen of beauty. They are very striking with their beautiful skin, blue eyes and a great body. Most women in Russia has marvelous figure.    

Brazil is known as the land of beauty, and the Brazilian girls are famous for their athletic figure. The best part is that in Brazil you can find stunning blonde and beautiful black woman. 


  1. not Brazil, Ukrain have the most beautiful woman.

  2. Far east Asians are by far the best women ,with looks and attitude ..They are loyal an caring ...10/10.

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    1. Didn't want to accidentally put a ladyboy on the list.

  4. Replies
    1. Unless people are attracted to he she's, or woman who are actually a man, and over weight

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  6. What about Lebanese women I think they are beautiful and deserve to be on this list also

  7. Definitely South Korea has the best ones

  8. South Africans also have seriously hot women

  9. South Korean beautiful women r mostly plastic n fake. N French? Wat a joke.

  10. You fucking idiots left out Australian girls. They shit all over these other ugly bitches.

  11. All women are Beautiful . No matter where they comes from!!!! Just no lesbian bitches !!!!!!

  12. Polish girls ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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