Top 10 largest tank forces in the world

Some of these countries may not have the best equipped forces, but they have the largest tank forces.

"Russian tank forces, since the days of the USSR, were the reason for panic NATO and the United States, a strong and numerical strength the Russians kept today".

10. TURKEY - 3763
Turkey is a large military force that pays great attention to its armored forces. The weaponry is a combination of older American-made tanks (M48 and M60) and modern German (Leopard 1 and 2) and the Turks planned production of 1,000 tanks Otokar domestic production. The Turks held strong tank forces because of the danger from Syria and Iran.

9. UKRAINE - 3784
Like all the countries of the former Soviet Union and Ukraine still has remnants of powerful tank forces. However, in the case of Ukraine, the mighty can be called only by the large number of tanks, not the quality as the backbone of an ancient form of T-64 tanks. Numerically large tank forces they need because they their next-door neighbors - the Russians. 

8. PAKISTAN - 4000
Pakistanis are in perpetual conflict with India (once they were even close to nuclear war) must therefore have a number of tank forces. Pakistanis rely on a combination of Chinese tanks like the Type 85, the domestic tank Al-Zarrar which is based on the Chinese model of Type 59 and the Russian T-80 tank, which is the most powerful in their forces.

7. EGYPT - 4145
Egyptians still have a large number of Russian-made older tanks and home-based Russian models (Ramses II), which are a legacy of older orders. In the past 20 years, Egyptians have turned to the West and their backbone forces make a modernized version M60-2000 and mighty American M1 Abrams.  

6. SYRIA - 4750
One part of the tank was destroyed in the fighting or ending up in the hands of the rebel Islamic state, but the Syrians still have a huge number of older Soviet-made tanks. Of course, the most numerous are the legendary T-54 tanks that were produced in a total of 100,000 copies. Syrians with their tank forces still threatened the Israel.

5. NORTH KOREA - 5500
North Korea has always scarecrows its population with the Americans and South Koreans, and how to defend themselves against the evil West, North Korea has built a number of military forces where tanks play a big role. Consisting of Russian and Chinese tanks, the question is how to forces that consist mainly of Chonma-ho-ho and P'okpoong really could confront modern tanks.  

4. INDIA - 5978
Powerful Indian tank forces in his arms have a large number of tanks of various types and countries of production (which turns into a logistical nightmare). Indians themselves making tanks and so after production Vijayant (withdrawn from use) produced Arjun. The backbone of forces still are the Russians older T-72 and T-modern 90s. 

3. CHINA - 9000
Depending on sources, the Chinese have a third or second most numerus tank forces. Of particular interest are the older tanks Type 59 and Type 96, but the Chinese can boast of very good and agile Type 99 tank of the third generation which has so far produced "only" 700 pieces. The Chinese also developed the MBT 3000, but that modern tank should be manufactured only for export. 

2. USA - 9125
Americans in the past decade gradually started to reduce the number of MBT's given that there was no danger of attack from the East, although this could change in future. Their main star is the M1 Abrams, whose latest version M1A3 in the near future should get into weapons as one of the best tanks in the world.

1. RUSSIA - 22710
Anybody who understood at least little in the army could expect that the Russians will be at the top of the list. Their tank forces, since the days of the USSR, were the reason for panic NATO and the United States, a strong and numerical strength the Russians kept today. 20.000 tanks consisting of age-old T-54 and T-64 which is held in reserve, to modern T-90s.  


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