Secrets of female masturbation

Boys are often interested for secret of female masturbation, which is shrouded in secrecy. I decided to share what we do, to finally solve this mystery...

Your recipe for masturbation is quite simple. You turn a porn site and for a few moments mission is accomplished. However, women's solo game is a little different. We can not do that anywhere, and some do not even care whether culminate and definitely do not touch them self reading 50 shades of gray (at least not the girls who read more than one book in life).

On average women needs more time to reach the peak than men (15 to 20 minutes) but when we are alone, we are much faster than you think. Just because we are focused on our self, not on you and your satisfaction because we know exactly what we want. Most of the girls is ready for 2 or 3 minutes when they are alone, with a partner while they take 10 minutes or more, or does not reach its peak. When you wake up with an erection, you will definitely get the job done at least once that day. According to some studies, 25% of men masturbate at least 3 times a week, while only 10% of women say that they do it three times a week and 38% once a month.

Wondering how? Because the masturbation does not look like a quick activity that is automatically performed. Not to mention the stigma associated with masturbation in women, which is why we start later. While you can jerk off in the toilet dirty gas station, we need a hot bath or comfort of our bed or the couch. Our touch is gentle, unlike yours. Although the clitoris is extremely sensitive and requires a soft and gentle touch, that girl who likes to touch it rougher is going to say it. Some girls do not care whether come, just want some time to their self, but when comes, it takes seconds. And once you get it over we do not need time to recover, we can go again and again. While some girls touching just for fun, without purpose, other do not stop if they do not experience at least 3 orgasms. Lucky us. 

Text Author: Lisa Pussycat


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