7 biggest European gangs

Maybe not as dangerous as the Latin American and American gangs, but these seven bands from Europe can not be underestimated.

"Interpol is assumed that the group have 800 members, most of them Serbs with experience in the wars in this region, and the Panthers have done daring theft at Dubai, Switzerland, Monaco, Japan, France ..."

Pink Panthers is considered by many the greatest and most successful group of diamond thieves, who were in 370 robberies took goods worth over 500 million dollars! The group, which is named after the series of films by Peter Sellers, was founded in Cetinje in 1999, by Dragan Mikic. Interpol assumes that the group consists of 800 members, mostly Serbs, with experience in the wars in this region, and the Panthers did a daring theft in Dubai, Switzerland, Monaco, Japan, France ... This group has become so legendary, so they even have their imitators!

The word gang is humiliating for Solntsevskaya bratva because they are much more sophisticated than other European gangs. Sergei Mikhailov founded in late 1980, and since they controlled  the main highway which ran from Moscow to Ukraine, quickly became involved in the trade of cars. As Mikhailov always see himself as a businessman, not a mobster, 90s he was involved in banking activities, which allowed them money laundering. Presently involved in virtually all - of racketeering and hacking through drug trafficking and prostitution to money laundering and fraud with credit cards. 

AK 81
Denmark street gang founded in 2007, is part of the motorcycle club Hells Angels and their members do not have to have a motorcycle or wear characteristics. The gang is made up of racists, aiming to expel immigrants from Copenhagen and the whole of Denmark. AK from the name stands for Altid Klar, which translated from Sana means "always ready", while 81 alphabetical numbers letters H and A, and the initials of Adolf Hitler. In addition to racial unrest, are included in the trade hashish, and all media are due in 2008, when the cold-blooded killing 19-year-old Turk. 

During the 70s and 80s of the former Yugoslavia emptied its prisons "exporting" criminals in Western Europe. Criminals who moved to Sweden and Denmark were during the 70's joined the gang called the Serbian brotherhood, and it is presumed to have been founded, and also the first boss, none other than Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan! The Group is engaged in kidnappings, extortion, robbery and trafficking in drugs and arms, and during the 90s gang threatened disintegration due to internal quarrels over the division of money. After they killed two heads of the Brotherhood, the new boss (on which also attempted assassination) Milan Sevo allegedly gang operated from the safety of Belgrade.  

Although officially do not exist, is not possible not to mention on any list of European gangs, and some of their members are still active in other gangs and associations. In Germany there are about three million Turks, and during the 80s, the Turks were particularly targeted by racist skinheads and Aryan-minded. To defend themselves, the Turks organized gangs such as the famous 36 Boys. During the 80s and the mid 90s 36 Boys have had almost daily skirmishes with the Nazis, skinheads and Warriors. 

When the 50s Jamaicans began to come to Britain to earn their living, called the "yardies" by residents of a state built neighborhood in Kingston, Jamaica. The name was quickly taken over by blacks who have higher earnings in the arms trade and particularly cocaine. Yardies their violent side showed several times, and the headlines on the island are due in 1993, when they killed a policeman, and in 2000 when they had a series of bloody confrontations with rival gangs. It is interesting that Yardiesi have no structure or leader. 

DE La Brise de Mer
Located in northern Corsica, this large criminal organizations operate in their territory, but also in Paris, and if former French colonies like Gabon, Mali and Cameroon. They are based on extortion, blackmail and extortion, and murder, but the most spectacular robberies like the one USB bank in Geneva and Air Farance seats. Their biggest enemies are Armata Corsa, Corsican separatist group, so it is assumed that they were responsible for the killing of some members of Armata. 

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