The future is here, finally invented a hoverboard

Hendo Hoverboard
If you are like us and fans of the trilogy "Back to the Future," we are sure that along with the inimitable DeLorean that Marty travels in time, in your mind stayed another incredibly "cool" gadget from the future. Floating board or "hoverboard" with whom Marty escapes Biff and his small group of thugs in the second part of the trilogy, has just become a reality. Okay, maybe not now, not in exactly the same form, but the first instance gives us a hint that we expect in the near future rather interesting things as far as floating personal transportation.

Although there has been countless attempts to production, and even a few prank, the company Arx Pax has finally managed to produce the first true "floating pad" and the public was presented under the name of the HENDO. We're pretty excited, because this is a feature that is floating an inch off the ground and on it can carry loads up to 140 pounds, which means that it can carry you and even if you have a little "stronger bones".

A board with the help of four electromagnets creates a field that allows her to raise into the air when it is above the metal that does not contain iron, such as aluminum, barracks, nickel and related metals, which is similar to the way Japanese superfast train "Shinkansen" works. For now board can float only fifteen minutes, but from the company Arx Pax stated that every day progress and update the technology, but we can hope that there is a possibility that through a few years everyone will be using this timber for boards and entertainment. 

We must admit that we like how it looks in the video that we bring you below, and we are sure that we are not alone with this opinion. But floating board Hendo is just the beginning, because with the further development of this technology, who knows what awaits us in the future. 


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