Kormoran - a new class of vessel that connects the world of supercars and luxury boats

Surely you know the feeling when cash out few hundred thousand euros and prick luxury speedboat, but in the end it turns out that this is not what you are looking for. You do not know? Do not worry, neither do we, but we are sure that there are people that kind of thing troubling. For this reason, Austrians recently presented their vision for the undecided wealthy. Kormoran is a completely new class of vessel that combines the best that offer luxury yacht with the world of supercars.

It is a completely new concept boat that combines the best of this world, agile speedboats, catamarans stability and speed hydrofoil. Kormoran is a possibility even when driving change its appearance and function and allow you to enjoy the ride exactly according to the time you want. Even in the moment while standing, Kormoran can be transformed into a sunbathing platform for girls that you took with you who get off all her clothes and managed to catch a bit of color.

When we mentioned that Kormoran uses technology from the world of supercars, we thought the "monocoque" chassis which is made of carbon fiber, like almost all other parts, as this hi-tech vessel makes it extremely safe and light weight. We are sure that all of the above delight those with deeper pockets and would not take much to the point where we will be able to see Kormoran on our sea. Until then, enjoy the photo gallery of this interesting vessel. 


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