Top 5 men's fragrances for fall

As we have already stepped into autumn, the days are getting shorter every day, and the nights are getting colder. This is the perfect time to smells airy notes that are worn during the summer tidying up on the shelf and embrace those luxurious intensive notes that will make us warm through the cold days ahead. As we have said many times that the fragrance is one of the things that women usually notice, this time we bring you our selection of the top 5 fragrance for fall 2014.

Bvlgari “Man in Black”

Scent by Bvlgari unveiled to celebrate 130 years of existence, as the successor of the original fragrance Bvlgari Man from 2010. The fragrance is announced as a brave and charismatic, and inspired the myth of the birth of Vulcan, god of fire, volcanoes and blacksmiths.

Calvin Klein "Euphoria"
Euphoria is refreshing and sensual scent of woodsy aroma dominated by fragrant notes of ginger and pepper, and in the background you feel the notes of dark basil and cedars. 

Bleu De Canel
If you ask us what is our favorite among the scents from the list, then this is definitely the Chanel Bleu. Incredibly masculine scent which according to its creators working in three ways: by giving freshness fragrance notes of citrus, vetiver and red pepper, the energy brought by notes of grapefruit and cedars and the explosion of sensuality of the fragrance of sandalwood and ginger.

Tom Ford "Noir"
Like other scents Noir is another warm and masculine fragrance from Tom Ford collection. If you are confident enough and want something different, then Noir is true fragrance for you. With this odor prevails fragrant notes of violets, bergamot and red pepper.  

L'Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent
Scent for the sophisticated modern man, which is a variation of the classic L'Homme scent issued in 2006. The warm smell of oriental notes, in which the most notable fragrance of orange blossom, cedar wood and violet. 


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