Is 1999 the year of the best movies?

Many consider the last year of the millennium, the last year of the right superior films, and we bring you the top 10 to evaluate yourself.

"From the dark atmosphere, the crazy idea of fight club, to the final scene that reveals an unexpected ending, this movie is something special".

Matrix not only was the best movie of the year, but it is also one of the best movies of the 90s! SF spectacle has brought us unprecedented story that left us breathless, and special effects (first seen just in the Matrix) and still look fashionable. Matrix is definitely a movie that every time you look to the interest, and this is the best proof of quality.

Fight Club
90's were the years of the "crazy" films, Fight Club is one of the best specimens. From the dark atmosphere, the crazy idea of fight club, to the final scene that reveals an unexpected end, this movie is something special. With great acting by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, it is no wonder that this film was so admired that they run even true of Fight Club!

The Sixth Sense
Thanks to this film, people have heard of M. Night Shyamalan who brought us this excellent thriller that was especially delighted at the end of which no one expected. The film was so good that it even turned out that Bruce Willis can act, and the "I see dead people" has become one of the most quoted sentence from the movies.

The Blair Witch Project
Sometimes the best ideas are so simple! Evidence is still a cult horror about a group of students who get lost in the woods filming a documentary about urban legends and subsequently find their stuff to testify about their moments of terror. It was so convincing that many thought (and even now think) that the recordings are made, rather than portrayed.

Toy Story 2
The first part of Toy Story has introduced some new standards in animation, while second raised to an even higher level. Also, Toy Story has brought another great story that was both fun and educational at the same time. Sequels are rarely better than the original, but this movie is fortunately one of the few representatives of the first category.    

Ever since the last crusade Indiana Jones, up to 1999 we have not seen a good combination of adventure, action and humor. Mummy was a real popcorn blockbuster that's bursting with fun, and who presented us with the Brendan Fraser as a major film star in recent years of the 20th century. 

 The Green Mile
Another mystical movie, this time made from the book by Stephen King, brought us a touching story about life in a US prison during the Great Depression in the United States. The film not only brings great dramatic story, which was spiced up by Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan, but the supernatural elements, which is a perfect fit at a time when The X-Files still ruled TV screens.

American Beauty
Although then we did not understand the main character, a middle-aged father who is no longer a thrill in life, today we can very well understood. American Beauty has brought us a taboo about a father who midlife crisis "cures" obsession with his daughter's best friend. Who could forget the iconic scene with roses?

American Pie
Each period has its own cult comedy, and when we talk about the 90's, American Pie is definitely one of them. Extensions may not have been on the trail of the original, some of the scenes today may no longer be so funny, but there is no doubt at all that a whole generation has grown up on this fun comedy that first discovered that you can masturbate with a pie! 

We all know that Nicholas Cage is trash actor whom would gladly ranked alongside Chuck Norris, but 90s is Cage had some great roles, one of which is this one about a private detective who is trying to discover whether found snuff film's real or not. This film has won with his sickening atmosphere - a kind of feature 90s. 


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