TREES OF WAR: On the site of a great battle sprouted trees with bombs and helmets

Forest in Russia, near St. Petersburg, is the eternal monument to the horrors of the Second World War. What makes this forest apart from others is that the trees in it literally united with helmets, grenades and other weapons discarded during the fighting in this war.

These images of military equipment from World War II swallowed by trees in one area of Russia, called the Nevsky Pjatańćok serve as symbols that remind us of the terrible consequences of the Second World War.

Most of the equipment represents Russian arms used during the fight, although there is a German weapon to, which was used for a terrible siege of Leningrad.

On that occasion killed 260,000 Red Army soldiers trying to liberate Leningrad, and 160,000 German soldiers died resisting.

According to these figures we see that the nature and war are unequivocally contrary, that time heals all wounds, or that nature will not forget us.

These helmets probably belonged to the Soviet soldiers and fell during the shooting, when these trees were just young stems.

On the picture on the left we see a grenade (potentially still active) protruding from the wood, and on the picture on the right we see a shovel of military engineer trapped in a tree.

In this picture you can see a grenade, Polish 75mm cannon, which protrudes beneath the folds of the bark on a tree. 


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