Diavel Titanium - beast from Ducati in which to enjoy only 500 lucky

If we were looking for a counterpart to the American "muscle" cars in the world of two-wheel vehicles, then the Diavel definitely belonged to the group of motorcycles that can be considered a real man vehicles. Even when it was first introduced, the Diavel in the world of motorcycles represented phenomenon that on any motorcycle meeting will not go unnoticed, because it is a motorcycle which can not be called normal or see it every day on our streets. Dimensions, aggressive and muscular look dose of arrogance are what Diavel apart from other vehicles on two wheels every day we notice the traffic.

However, although in the basic version is a pretty exclusive motorcycle, Ducati has now gone one step further and at the EICMA show in Milan introduced several new models, as well as the heavy artillery in the form Diavel Titanium motorcycle, which will be limited to only 500 copies. To cite from Ducati, this model they wanted to meet the needs of those who want a more radical approach and greater customization options, using exclusive and innovative materials.

With the name of the motorcycle, the "Titanium" does not come by accident, and titanium derived fuel filler flap, as well as housing the front light, while the air intakes, mudguards and mini windshield made of carbon fiber, and the seat is of the highest quality leather and quilted Alcantara . There are many other modifications, such as exhaust pipes, brushed stainless steel, and special rims made of ceramic composite materials, which are called Zircotec.

We have to admit that after this treatment Diavel even more like to see it in our garage, even if he was held there as decoration. Although, it's hard not to experience the entertainment provided by the 162 horsepower delivered by the well-known Testastretta 11 ° DS engine. All in all, Ducati has once again introduced a motorcycle that will be the desire of many, but will unfortunately it enjoyed only 500 lucky people with deeper pockets.  



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